Current circumstances have driven workers into their homes, making flexible and agile remote working policies a necessity for organisations looking to maintain business continuity. In order for this to work there are a number of device-specific obstacles that need to be overcome:

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A dispersed workforce means face-to-face communication just isn’t possible. You need hardware that can facilitate streamlined collaboration between all relevant stakeholders.

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Staff are accessing data and applications from their home network, which doesn’t provide the same level of protection working from the office would. Staff need devices with proactive, up to date security tools to counteract this.

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Visibility across the device fleet is critical to maintaining vigilance, understanding the health-status of each device and remaining productive. Additionally, having insight into zero-day threats bolsters your overall security posture.


DaaS lets you leverage the latest HP devices powered by Intel® that are designed for remote collaboration, are secure and up to date, and proactively monitored and managed by Quadtech, leaving you free to focus on what’s really important right now, maintaining business as usual.